Sunday, April 15, 2012

My New Baby and the Importance of a Good Bike Fit

New bike shoes because your feet are falling asleep while riding ~$200+
New bike shorts because your junk is falling asleep while riding ~$100
New bike because your frame is a little too big to let you tuck into an aero position ~$3000-5000+
Having your bike custom fit by a professional…Priceless

For the past 3+ years I’ve had recurring hamstring pain.  I’ve always had problems with my feet falling asleep especially on hard efforts.  Looking over old photos of my bike position I knew I was really stretched out and sitting too upright.  I figured I could adjust just about any bike to fit my body.  I’ve learned a lot in choosing this new bike and getting professionally fit for the first time.  For example, in response to my claim, “I can get used to just about any bike position” Roger at Higher Ground in Tallahassee kindly taught me I shouldn’t have to “get used to the position, but rather, I should be in a position right for me so that all of my effort is going into powering down the road.”  It’s hard to argue with that but I was doubtful…  (Sorry Roger…  I’m stubborn.  Just ask Steve!)  I couldn’t imagine ever being immediately comfortable enough on a bike to feel strong and steady.  I always thought it was a conditioning process… that I need to “get used to” the bike and the position.  I remembered my lack of comfort and confidence on new bikes in the past and I didn’t expect this to be any different despite being sized-up on a fit-bike prior to choosing my frame.  Wow, was I wrong! 
My baby arrived last week and I after being fit, I already feel stable and strong.  I look forward to riding and actually am disappointed when I have to ride inside.  After the first bike/run workout on the new bike, I felt like something was missing…  Something was weird…  My hamstring… doesn’t hurt…  I kept waiting for the pain to return especially after my long run, but it hasn’t!  Thank you Higher Ground for finding the perfect bike for my body geometry and for positioning me and my hubby for success! 


  1. Roger is a true professional. He couples his expertice with the customer's feedback to make a perfect match between man and machine!

  2. Glad this fits you so much better but you will never convince me that riding 50 miles (even 5) doesn't hurt. lol