Monday, February 4, 2013

What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger!

Saturday, 0600 my alarm goes off.  I flail around trying to find the snooze button and cuddle up to my nice warm hubby.  My bike ride can wait a little bit…  maybe a couple snoozes…  Next thing I know, I not only heard, but also FELT the “Brrrrrrrrrrraaapppp” (which is my husband Steve’s way of saying “Good Morning”).  I quickly jumped out of bed, but it was too late.  I had been Dutch-ovened!!!  Might as well get ready to go ride now I thought.  I knew it was cold outside, REALLY cold outside so I proceeded to put on 2 pair of wind-proof cycling pants (mine are Castelli  and Steve’s are Pearl Izumi), 2 long-sleeve base layers, 2 wind-proof cycling jerseys (mine and Steve’s), a windproof cap and separate headband/ear warmers, windproof gloves, socks and windproof shoe covers.  On my drive out to the starting point I noticed the temp was 29oF (F=ff-udge is for what I was saying when I saw just how cold it was!).  I tried to think positive as I embarked on my 70 mile hilly ride that my new coach (Karen Meadows, prescribed.  The cold air felt like razor blades cutting my face but the rest of me was warm and cozy.  I probably looked like a snowman on a bike and I felt like the Pillsbury Dough Boy – I was so stiff with the multiple layers of clothes it was hard to pedal!  On a positive note, I knew if I crashed for some reason it might not hurt since I was so padded J  I cheered up instantly when Steve came out to ride with me on his KLR650 motorcycle.  I know he must really love me since he had to ride about 12 miles at 65 mph in the same 29 degrees just to get to the starting point!  Then he had to dodge a million snot rockets along the ride ;)  He used the motorcycle to block at least 4 different dogs from charging me.  He rode with me the entire time (100 mile round trip for him)!  Unfortunately, I missed a point where I was supposed to make a u-turn so I added on a few miles.  Nearing the end of the ride, my legs were exhausted.  Karen was right – by the time I was riding through Vernon I was praying I would never see a hill again!  My quads and hip flexors were so tight they ached every time I pulled up on the pedals on a hill.  In turn, my lower back tightened up.  I knew this ride was going to make me stronger (if I could just get through it first :)  I reached back and realized I was out of PowerGel, but luckily I packed a bag of PowerGel chews (thanks Chloe!!!)  The first time I tried the cola flavored chews I wasn’t in love (they’re not the best to eat with coffee), but now I’m hooked!  I felt like I could chew on them forever and nearly cried when I ran out (not a good idea when it’s that cold outside).  I was so happy when I saw the car I swear I heard a choir singing, “Hallelujah”!  When I got home I took a nice warm shower but was dreading the ice bath Steve was preparing for me.  I knew I had to do it, or I would have to explain to Karen why I didn’t so I gritted my teeth and got in.  At first it was okay since my toes were still numb.  The rest of me, not so much!  I could hear Steve laughing in the other room as I screamed and squealed and cursed Karen’s name (sorry Karen).  It’s been at least a year since I’ve had an ice bath.  Well worth it though.  Sunday, no soreness at all!  Thanks Coach for helping me get stronger mentally and physically!  Thank you Steve for being so supportive ;)

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