Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Big Easy wasn’t so easy!

My first 70.3 of the season – NOLA 70.3. A good time for lessons-learned – in other words, best time to mess up a lot and still have time to redeem yourself throughout the rest of the season! As my Coach Karen (http://www.coach-karen.com/) would say – it’s good to work out the kinks! Well, I had lots of them!
Lesson 1 – I like the new swim start – time trial with about 8 going off every 10 seconds in the marina which keeps the waters relatively calm J
Lesson 2 – Just because the water is calm doesn’t mean there isn’t any wind. I almost got blown over on the bike a few times. Once by my friend, Michael Curtin, as he FLEW by me wearing his Eagle (www.teamrwb.org)! He had a great race!
Lesson 3 – Don’t mistakenly mix your drinks too concentrated. It usually leads to you not wanting to drink as much which leads to dehydration which leads to cramping! Bleh!
Lesson 4 – When you’re dehydrated, the run is no fun at all! Better keep going because I managed to hold onto 3rd in my age group with the encouragement of the athletes around me J First time I’ve ever been on a podium with blocks!
Lesson 5 – It’s disappointing to hear about some of the pros drafting. I never saw any officials and as a former pro, I know they serve as role models so they should act like GOOD role models. I am tired of hearing about all the problems drafting! I wish it could be better marshaled or just allow drafting. Regardless, I will continue to ride clean even if it means I don’t win anything. I’d rather keep my integrity than win by drafting. Someone is always watching even if it’s not the draft marshals.
Lesson 6 – Velvet Cactus (http://www.thevelvetcactus.com/) is a new favorite in NOLA! Definitely Texan approved! This should be on your list next time you go to NOLA – especially the chipotle cheddar grits and watermelon fresca! Got some funny looks by patrons since I was still in my Timex tri suit and Zoot shoes – they were just jealous… that or I stunk really bad!
Lesson 7 – Just because you apply sunblock doesn’t mean it’s going to work! OUCH!

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