Monday, January 5, 2015

Nathan's Dual Use Technologies

Ever looked at a piece of equipment and think it looked like it was meant for some other purpose? Some deeper meaning? Well, now that I am temporarily out of commission due to my back, I got a little creative with some of my tri gear… I was influenced by my little 8 and 10 year old buddies, Morgan and Cameron and their experiences with the Nathan AP Pro and a few other items...
Here it is on a Specialized Shiv – 

yes you can fit it with the integrated bladder system too! Plus it holds the straw up even over rough roads.

Apparently, the Nathan AP Pro can double as a bull for rodeo practice…
Single, or -

Double –
…and an escape pod for the Power Rangers!

The insulated, double walled Fire and Ice Bottle is also a rocket!

Or a floatation device.

Did you know the StrobeLight can also attach to your goggles for Power Ranger Search and Rescue? It is waterproof!

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